Psychedelic Reefs and Ultra Friendly Locals in Padre Burgos, Philippines.

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Paul and Karen from GlobalHelpSwap visited the Philippines last year and loved it so much they’re planning another trip in 2015. Two perfect days in paradise. Finally we were on the beach. After 5 days of biblical downpours where even Noah would have struggled, the sun was out in all its glory. We had skipped…

Corregidor Island, The Philippines

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When you learn about the history of World War II, you generally get told about the battles in Europe or the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Events in Asia are often secondary – the Philippines is rarely discussed, for instance. But one small island, about three times the size of London’s Hyde Park, was critical to…

Festivals are more Fun in the Philippines

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To experience The Philippine islands at their most joyous, you need to find a festival or a fiesta. Just about every city or town has at least one a year, as The Family Adventure Project’s Kirstie Pelling found out…   Festival days….and weeks The air is gold and silver, and glittering with an energy that…

People and Culture in the Philippines

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You can be sure of a warm welcome if you visit The Philippines. This island nation understands family, hospitality, and how far a smile can go, as Kirstie Pelling from The Family Adventure Project discovered…    “Be careful..” says a crew member as I edge along the gang plank; clutching the bamboo pole he has…
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