Observing Nature in Apulit Island Resort, the Philippines

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Did you know there are Philippines over 5000 species of marine life species? The Travelling Editor, Dylan Lowe meets some of them in Apulit Island Resort. I could liken myself to a floating observation deck. Except less stationary with those fins, though I’d been slowing down to appreciate a novelty of coral fishes enveloping me,…

Tabon Caves, Palawan, The Philippines

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Time Travel Turtle’s Michael Turtle finds out there is really only one way to get to Tabon Caves. By boat. As the small wooden fishing vessel pushes off from the dock, I look out at the water ahead of us. It’s a deep blue with just a small bit of choppiness from the wind around…

Wild and wonderful Philippines

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The central islands of The Philippines are world famous for marine life. But there are many more options for seeing wildlife in its natural habitat in The Visayas, as The Family Adventure Project’s Kirstie Pelling discovered…     Shy and wild We peer into the trees to find a sensitive creature, who may or may…
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