It’s not everyday one gets the chance to ride in a helicopter.. or even every other day for that matter! Journalist Becki Burrows checked it out for us.

We had been booked on a flight with to tour the city and see the Volcano . On the morning of the flight nerves hit me. However… Captain Bong our pilot instantly put me at ease.

This was definitely the way to see the city in a short space of time. Flying over the city gave me a good understanding of how vast and densely built up Manila really is and as we zoomed across Manila Bay with its thousands of salt fish bays and fishing communities I have to say it was such a breathtaking way to take in the sights in such a short space of time.

The sun rose heading on to the Pinatubo volcano to take in the breathtaking scenery.

An hour later and we were booked in on a flight to Legazapi for the next part of our trip. ATV biking up Mount Mayon – one of the most famous – perfect cone active volcanoes in the world!

We were only allowed to go so far because it could blow at any moment, releasing either lava flow, ash flow or pyro clastic flow – the latter the most dangerous. However, with the volcano being on alert – the town folk seemed relaxed and happy to see us as we drove through their provinces waving at us as we passed.

We were always conscious of the worry that we were interrupting or disturbing the villagers as we zoomed past, but the citizens of Legazpi oozed a pride and happiness that we wanted to experience their town.

‘You so pretty you so pretty!!!’ one woman shouted at me as I walked through their local food market… I was pouring with sweat and really did not feel that way.

The young men smirked, waved and joked around jovially and the children stared at us in awe.

June.. just doing his job – decided to introduce us to the local delicacy and favourite street food of the Filipinos. Balut. Balut is an egg which is half formed – ie there is a little chick inside and they boil it in its egg just as it is forming.

This is a favourite of the people. After buying some for us – I could only try to escape trying it. When travelling to a foreign country it’s also important to ensure one doesn’t delve too full on into the local delicacies. That was my excuse anyway.

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